USB Killer PRO can kill any USB port in seconds!

USB Killer was developed with innovative new technology that has never been used before, and it all fits into what appears to be an ordinary USB memory stick. Inside the drive is an inverting DC/DC converter that charges several capacitors to negative voltage. When this voltage is reached, the converter switches off, and a transistor opens to discharge the voltage back into the USB port. This cycle runs as a continuous loop until the USB drive is inoperable, which occurs in less than 3 seconds.

USB Killer 1.0 USB Killer 2.0 USB Killer Pro
Design Features Uncased PCB White case has an easily recognizable logo Black plastic case which looks exactly as any regular USB stick
Size 2' Smaller than regular USB stick size Has a size of any regular USB stick
Noise Level Normal operation Loud operation Quiet operation
Timing up to 5 seconds up to 3 seconds to damage motherboard about 3 seconds to damage motherboard

Summary: USB KILLER PRO looks like a standard USB stick, operates quietly, and takes about 3 seconds to damage motherboard, compared to the USB KILLER 2.0, which looks suspicious and operates producing louder sound.

How many USB KILLERs?

How USB Killer PRO Works

1) power computer
2) insert usb stick (USB Killer)
3) wait for 3-5 seconds
4) check result

Protect Yourself

USB Killer PRO is useful in a variety of situations. This amazing device can protect your family, your business, and you; and ultimately, it makes world a better place. To help you understand how, imagine being in one of the following scenario:

Home or office break-in – Your home or office has been invaded by burglars looking for valuable personal information in order to steal your identity. They see an innocuous-looking USB drive next to your computer and hope to gain access to its data. However, it's not an ordinary flash stick. After inserting USB Killer PRO into the computer the USB port is burned out, protecting you and your information.

Sometimes, USB Killer PRO may cause damage to the motherboard. This damage may be repaired with no lasting consequences, but data thieves are not going to stick around long enough to do so.

How many USB KILLERs?

While testing we broke a couple of computers entirely. Use of USB Killer PRO caused permanent unsolvable damage on tested computer's motherboard, be caution of that. On the rest cases use of USB Killer PRO caused permanent usb port damage which may be fixed only by doing compound motherboard repair. For more details please read our Consumer Agreement